Pine Manor is a small unincorporated community located in Lee County, Florida. It is situated just north of Fort Myers, with easy access to the city’s amenities and attractions. Despite its small size, Pine Manor has a rich history and a strong sense of community.

The history of Pine Manor dates back to the late 1800s, when the area was settled by families looking to start anew in the Sunshine State. The community was named after the pine trees that were abundant in the area, and many of the original homes were built using wood from these trees. Over the years, Pine Manor has grown and developed, but it has managed to maintain its small town charm and tight-knit community feel. Next article!

Pine Manor is a diverse community, with a mix of long-time residents and new families moving in every year. The area is home to a mix of single-family homes, apartments, and mobile homes. Prices for homes in Pine Manor tend to be more affordable than in nearby Fort Myers, making it a popular choice for families looking to buy their first home or downsizing from a larger home.

One of the things that makes Pine Manor such a special place is its close-knit community. There are a variety of local organizations and groups that bring residents together, including churches, schools, and social clubs. There are also a number of annual events and festivals held in Pine Manor, such as the Fourth of July parade and the Pine Manor Community Fair. These events provide an opportunity for residents to come together and celebrate their community.

Despite its small size, Pine Manor has a number of amenities and attractions for residents to enjoy. The community has a small shopping center with a variety of stores, including a grocery store, pharmacy, and hardware store. There are also a number of restaurants and fast food chains in the area, as well as a post office and library. Learn more!

For outdoor enthusiasts, Pine Manor has plenty to offer. The area is home to several nature preserves and conservation areas, including the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve and the Caloosahatchee Creeks Preserve. These areas are home to a variety of plant and animal species and provide opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and picnicking.

In addition to these natural areas, Pine Manor is also home to a number of parks and recreational facilities. The Pine Manor Community Center offers a variety of programs and activities for all ages, including sports leagues, fitness classes, and after-school programs. The center also has a gym, pool, and playground for community use.

Overall, Pine Manor is a great place to live for those looking for a small town community with a strong sense of belonging. It is a diverse and welcoming place, with a rich history and plenty of amenities and attractions for residents to enjoy. If you are considering a move to the Fort Myers area, be sure to consider Pine Manor as a potential home.

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